Rock climbing is an exciting and challenging route to fitness, where problem-solving becomes a matter of strength, fitness, and flexibility of both the mind and body. As a sport, climbing is a great equalizer between men and women, the young and the old, as the challenge it presents is unique to each person. Climbing is an excellent bonding activity of trust and responsibility, suitable for families, couples, and those interested in meeting other adventurous people.

Climbing at the Airport Health Club is free for all members who have their own climbing equipment and are belay certified. Our youth members between 4 and 15 years old must be with a belay-certified adult (18+) to climb.

For more information on our Climbing Wall or Programs, please contact Fitness & Wellness Director Aleshia Freyer.
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For information about certification, Contact Aleshia at



We have a self-belay device that allows you to climb belayed without a partner. Before use, you are required to take a Belay Certification Clinic.

Offering 45 minute belaying and bouldering sessions for kids ages 5-12yrs.
Please contact Fitness & Wellness Director Aleshia Freyer with any questions.
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