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Massage session



We offer a wide variety of therapies for you to choose from

Massage can be a vital part of your overall health by allowing for physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. Our most popular massages are the Swedish Massage and the Deep Tissue Massage. A therapist may incorporate a mixture of modalities for your benefit. Our therapists use top-of-the-line natural lotions and oils. However, it is your option to have a treatment done with or without lotions, oils, or aromas.

The Pain & Performance Clinic also offers a range of Manual Therapy, Integrated Therapy, and more. Please see the Clinic Brochure for more information and pricing.


  • Relieves muscle tension.
  • Increases the supply of blood and nutrients to the muscles.
  • Helps to eliminate waste matter from muscles (especially lactic acid).
  • Helps restore tone to flaccid muscles and partially compensates for lack of exercise and inactivity because of illness or injury.
  • Eliminates or prevents muscle adhesions resulting from injury.
  • Increases flexibility and strength of joints.


  • Improves blood circulation and relieves congestion.
  • Increases supply of oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout body.
  • Eases strain on the heart by helping to return blood to vital organs especially in cases of forced inactivity due to illness or injury.
  • Promotes the movement of lymph through the body, thereby strengthening the immune system and eliminating toxic wastes.


  • Can either sedate or stimulate the nervous system, depending on the technique used.
  • By balancing the nervous system, massage affects all systems of the body.


  • Improves breathing patterns.
  • Aids in relief of many long-term respiratory difficulties such as asthma and bronchitis.


  • Reduces muscular tension that may eventually cause structural problems.
  • Increases the flow of nutrients to the bones.
  • Promotes elimination of waste matter.
  • Maintains posture and body balance.


Contact the Service Desk at 707.528.2582 or see our latest brochure.


Contact the Service Desk at 707.528.2582 to book your massage. All massages are by appointment only.

You can always ask at the Service Desk if there is a last-minute opening.

A gift card is a unique, healthful gift, appreciated anytime for any occasion. Available at the Service Desk.

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